Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vocab Blog #13

1. Auspicious- favorable
(ah-spish-chus) Latin
My dinner was very auspicious; I could eat it every night.

2. Expedite- to hasten
(ex-peh-diet) Middle English
I wish teacher's would expedite their lectures.

3. Extenuating- providing a good excuse
(ex-tin-yoo-ate-ing) Middle English
When the teacher checks for homework, he hears a lot of students extenuating for where their homework is.

4. Fraudulent- deceitful
(frah-dull-ent) Middle English
Suspects have to take a test that sees if they're being fraudulent.

5. Innuendo- a suggestion
(in-yoo-en-do) Latin
When Daniel makes an innuendo, he gets shot down.

6. Rebuke- to criticize
(re-booke)  Middle English
Many girls rebuke other girls.

7. Redeem- to make up for past errors
(re-deem) Middle English.
Daniel tried to redeem himself by being quiet.

8. Subordinate- lower than
(sub-bor-din-ate) Medieval Latin
People hate when others subordinate them.

9. Transgress- to commit an offense
(trans-gress) Latin
Many people transgress against the law.

10. Vehement- strong
(vee-uh-muhnt) Latin
Wrestlers are very vehement.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Vocab 12

1. Heinous- wicked
(hanous) Middle English
Math is heinous, I'm surprised I didn't fail

2. Complement- to go perfectly with
(calm-pleh-mint) Middle English
Her shoes complemented her dress.

3. Inference- a conclusion
(in-fur-ence) Medieval Latin
At the end of lab we have to make an inference of the data.

4. Intuition- instinct
(in-two-itshun) Middle English
My mother's intuition about my feelings are always right.

5. Discreet- cautious
(dis-creet) Middle English
Not all drug dealers are discreet, most get caught.

6. Flout- to show off
(flaw-t) Dutch
My mom flouts her new jewelry.

7. Implement- to put in effort
(em-pleh-mint) Middle English
You have to implement school work if you want good grades.

8. Fastidous- working quickly
(fast-ee-dus) Middle English
Procrastinators have to be fastidous the night before the project is due.

9. Improptu- not rehearsed
(em-promp-too) French
Schools fights are impromptu.

10. Obstrusive- overly obvious
(ahb-true-siv) Latin
Girls are obtrusive about what they want for Valentines Day.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vocab Blog #11

1. Disparity- inequality
[dih-spar-i-tee] Middle French
In Anthem disparity was a major issue for the people who created the Utopia.

2. Forestall- to prevent
[fohr-stawl] Middle English
I always forestall the most important things in my life, i.e. homework.

3. Insidous- stealthily treacherous or deceitful
[in-sid-ee-uhs] Latin
The movie Insidious was basically a whole lie. Everyone was insidious in the movie.

4. Insinuate- to suggest
[in-sin-yoo-eyt] Latin
Girls always try to insinuate a different meaning than what they actually say.

5. Interrogate- to seek for answers by questions
[in-ter-uh-geyt] Latin
Policemen interrogate people to get the truth about an accident.

6. Obsequious- obedient
 [uhb-see-kwee-uhs] late Middle English
Some dogs are very obsequious.

7. Omnipotent- having infinte power.
[om-nip-uh-tuhnt] Middle English
Jim Carey in the movie Bruce Almighty was omnipotent when he was God.

8. Oppurtune- suitable; favorable
[op-er-toon, -tyoon] late Middle English
Blair Waldorf always has an opportune man for the elite life.

9. Permeate- to pass into or every part of
[pur-mee-eyt] Latin
The ground is very permeate when it rains.

10. Retribution- revenge
[re-truh-byoo-shuhn] Middle English
Many people believe in retribution when they had someone backstab them.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vocab Blog #10

1. Incinerator- an apparatus for burning waste material.
(in-sin-ur-rate-ur) unknown
Firemen in Fahrenheit 451 use an incinerator for books.

2. Dimension- an aspect or feature of a situation, problem, or thing.
(di men shun) Middle English
Looking at the dimension of a crime, is what cops do.
Dimension J
3. Dramatize- to adapt or present.
(dra muh tie ze) 16 century
The drama club has to dramatize an original play.

sometimes you over-dramatize to get your way. what a hurtful thing to say! like a stab in the heart. i might as well die. sorry

4. Needle- a pin
(knee dle) German/Gree
My Mema uses a needle to sew her own clothes.

5. Shagged- useless
(shagd) Brit informal
The house after the fire was shagged
6. Tendon- a flexible but inelastic cord of strong fibrous collagen tissue attaching a muscle to a bone.
(ten-dun) Greek

7. Boulevard- a wide street in a town or city, typically lined with trees.
(bull e vard) German
I walked down the boulevard in New York late at night.

8. Slum- an overcrowded urban street or district inhabited by very poor people
(sluhm) Latin
When I was walking down the boulevard, I noticed a slum.

9. Allot- to give someone a task.
(a lät) Old French
Blair Waldorf allots Doratia 24/7.

10. Trajectory- the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces.
(truh ject tur ee)
Can you use it in a sentence please?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vocab Blog #9 (Farenheit 451)

1. Parlor (81)- dated a sitting room in a private house.
Middle English (par-lur)
My parlor consists of a couch and a TV.
2. Investigations (75)-the action of examining or research
Middle English (in-ves-teh-gay-shun)
Police do investigations when they have a crime that was committed.

3. Suffused (76)- gradually spreading through or over.
Latin (suh-few-jun)
The jelly suffused over the bread and peanut butter.

4. Substitute (76)- a person or thing acting or serving in place of another
Middle English (suhb-sti-too-te)
The teacher was out so she got a substitute.
5. Notions (76)-a conception or belief about something
Middle English (no-shun)
Jesus is a notion to most people.

6. Perspiring (77)- sweating
French (pur-spur-ring)
The soccer player was perspiring during the game.

7. Toil (79)-work extremely hard
Middle English (toil)
Honors kids toil in school.

8. Fragile (80)-easily broken
Latin (frah-gil)
Glass is fragile

9. Soluble (81)- able to dissolve a substance
Middle English (saw-you-bowl)
Sugar isn't hat soluble

10. Infinite (82)- limitless or endless in space, extent or size.
(in-fin-it) Middle English
The galaxy is infinte.